Forex Trends of 2011: Opportunities for the Future

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It is impossible to predict what the future holds with regards to currency trading. It is a form of betting where one must make use of Forex trends from the past, weigh out probabilities and examine the overarching social, political economical environment that the Forex market resides in. For Forex geniuses like George Soros or Jimmy Rogers, this information paints Forex trends as clear as day. Nevertheless, they are still using archives of information and their understanding of outside influences to make informed decisions as opposed to intuitive guesses. Fortunately, beginners or enthusiasts can rely on the expert analysis of professionals and Forex trading companies on the web, who share insight in exchange for loyalty. Below is the general web consensus of the Forex trends of 2011, both the mistakes and opportunities that were made as well as what there is to gain in 2012.

The Major Events that Affected 2011 Forex Trendscurrencies

There were a few major events that sent the Forex trend lines in varying directions. The first came from the United States who lost their AAA credit rating for sovereign bonds. Next there was the move towards ‘Oliver Twist’, that is the Federal Reserve Banks decision to trade some of its shorter dated bonds for longer bonds, with consequently affected the interest rate. The third and most publicized event was the yo-yo economic changes within the Eurozone. Going from red to green and then red again, a pattern which is expected to continue in 2012. This will heavily affect Forex indicator trends as fear of further contamination will dictate the attitude of the market. The US Dollar is expected to be a safe refuge for the Euro and experts in Forex trend forecasts expect a similar role from the British Pound.

Forex Trends and Trading Opportunities

Forex trend strategies and tips that have been suggested by expert Forex trend forecasters include going long with the USD/JPY; they have also warned to be careful with the timing. However, a profitable trend Forex system is to start off small, going larger only when you have confirmation that the strategy is working. Keep a look out for reversal opportunities for the USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD and USD/CHF. Look back on Forex market trends in 2011 to ensure when past conditions for reversals are repeated in 2012. The biggest pointer to remember when examining forex trading trends is to remove the bias that is inherent in the human mind. Although it is not possible to completely do this, be consciously aware of ingrained biases. Put analyses, past Forex trends and overarching global conditions first and watch signals from the market as closely and objectively as possible.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in currency trends and forecasts and aims to educate readers on how to be responsible traders. She started trading under a metatrader 4 broker but after downloading a mt4 demo she now manages her own Forex account.

Forex Trading For Beginners

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Forex trading seems a complicated affair and most of us put our money in the bank and hope that our money magically grows. This is why many people are looking to Forex trading as a means to making money for them as opposed to them always working for their money. Forex trading for beginners is gaining in popularity, with many beginners educating themselves by way of Forex trading tutorials for beginners.

The simple Forex market

The Forex market, as most know, the market on which currencies are traded, and Forex trading is the largest liquid market in the world with the market rapidly growing each day. As there is no central place where currency is traded, unlike the stock market on Wall Street, Forex trading is done online or over the counter. There are traders of various sizes but it’s been stated that it’s better to use larger Forex traders because they have better access to pricing at larger banking facilities.

Currency pairs are the fundamental factor behind Forex trading and beginners need to educate themselves on the breakdown of currency pairs. In the currency pair there is base currency and counter currency. The currency pair is the quoting of one currency against another, as in how much it would cost of one currency to buy another. Forex trading beginners while working MT4 download tutorials for will learn that in the currency pair a certain amount of the counter currency will be needed to buy one unit of the base currency. As an example: How many USD to buy one EUR?

The easiest way to learn Forex trading is for beginners to download a demo and work through it at their own pace. Many large traders offer free demo accounts which mirror the live accounts their clients utilise for live online Forex trading. Tutorials and information is all on-hand to ensure all questions are answered and given in layman’s terms. Investing and trading seems intimidating due to the plethora of confusing terms, but they are not as complicated as they seem.


When looking for a demo trading account for beginners it’s preferable to utilise the demo platforms of larger traders due to their experience and on-hand tips for first-timers. The demos allow for trading with “monopoly” money thereby allowing Forex trading beginners to learn by trial and error with no risk involved.

Learn Forex trading for beginners by using online Forex trading. It’s a competitive world, but with the correct guidance through a highly-respected trading house, Forex trading opens doors to an entirely different world of investment that can yield extremely high returns in a short space of time.

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