Getting The Best Forex System

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Getting The Best Forex System

The foreign exchange market, better known as Forex market, is very lucrative. It involves trading currencies in a bid to make profits from the ever fluctuating exchange rates. In order to cash in on this market, one has to employ the best Forex system. Traders have to use technical analysis to make trading decisions. This normally involves studying combinations of price action and technical indicators that are supplied by trading software and charting websites. Forex robots are able to automatically make trades based on these technical analysis techniques.
Forex Bots

Exchange Money Conversion to Foreign Currency
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There are many Forex robots available in the market. Therefore, it is up to a trader to find the best one. It is only through doing so, that one can make the most out of the market.

The Forex Growth Bot EA is one of the best trading systems that are being marketed online. Many people who have used this bot have succeeded in the market. This is due to some of the unique features of the bot, such as low lot sizes, low risk, high reward trades and low drawdowns.

Using the Forex Growth Bot EA, one is able to protect his or her capital from being wiped out. This is because this bot mainly focuses on risk and money management. Moreover, it has many useful features that come in handy when trading. Therefore, one does not have to be vigilant at all times in order to protect his or her investment. The bot does that for him or her.

Currency Wars: A Valuable Economic Resource and Insightful Read

Books about finance don’t come more riveting than Currency Wars by James G. Rickards. Part novel, part non-fiction, the Currency Wars book explains in chronological order the global wars fought over the decades, not with guns and oil but with currencies. In doing so it lays down the foundation for the next forecasted world implosion, which although is sparked by imagination is alarmingly full of insight and probability. Currency Wars reviews have applauded his work, with US Today commenting that it is, “Outside-the-box thinking…an important contribution to the nation’s economic dialogue…an invaluable resource”. Others speak with more trepidation about his predicted financial threats.

Currency Wars: Section One

The Currency Wars book is split into three sections. The first section has the characteristics of a novel as opposed to a financial book. In the section the author Rickards describes in detail his participation in an activity at the Warfare Analysis Laboratory. Usually the group is used by the defense department to simulate war games for planning strategies. However, the activity that Rickards was involved in had nothing to do with on the ground military action, rather military, academic and government interests participated in a simulated currency war that used currencies and capital to bolster power in certain regions. He contributed to this ‘currency war’ by offering advice on the markets. I won’t tell you what the outcome of the war is.

Currency Wars: Section Two

The second section of the book is more historical and outlines the events and conditions that led up to the first two currency wars (named CWI and CWII) in the twentieth century. Rickards also provides some valuable insight into the motivations that drove these wars. According to the book Currency Wars, CWI was fought between 1921 and 1936 and CWII between 1967 and 1987. Both of these wars were waged between countries of competing national interests. These currency wars forced competitive devaluations and government interventions with global finances.

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Currency Wars: Section Three

It is noteworthy that gold reappears throughout the Currency Wars book. According to Rickards, the currency wars were largely caused by the end of the Gold Standard in the global currency market after World War II. It also comes into play in the final section of the book where he gives his explanation as to why the world is now fighting CWIII. He also analyses in details the possible outcomes of CWIII (paper, gold and or chaos), giving the reader much to think about after the book even after the book has been put down. Currency Wars does not only target those concerned with finance, but also those who are interested in the future of our world and who enjoy solid and insightful speculation.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in currency trading news and tips and aims to encourage any currency broker or trader to practice responsible trading. Her interest in currency markets started after she opened her own Forex trading account with a foreign currency broker.

Some Key Facts about Forex

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When businesses buy and sell products from countries other than their own, they have an issue of currency to deal with.  For example, the US currency is the dollar, while Japan uses the yen. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem, as the foreign exchange, commonly known as Forex, was designed to provide a solution in these situations. They also allow you to invest in the country itself, buying and selling their currency as values fluctuate, similar to stocks, but at a much bigger level. It also helps with speculation of currencies for both changes in value and changes in interest rates. Most transactions are simple, and begin when one party buys a particular quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency. Following the previous example, an American company would buy a large quantity of yen from the exchange by paying US dollars. They could also buy these sums of yen and sell them back at a later date when the value of the yen inflates.

This market is unique from other markets in many ways:

  • due to its large trading volume alone, it represents the largest asset class in the world, and it has high liquidity;
  • geographically, it represents an enormous majority of the world;
  • it runs on a 24 hours schedule, minus weekends; and
  • it works around all the various factors that tend to affect the exchange rates, and it does this at a fast pace, creating high liquidity.

The forex market allows investors exclusive and lucrative opportunities for investing, such as commission-free trading and many communication methods allowing for easy accessibility. Compared to other investment options, more consumers have chosen this method of investing due to these great features.

Foreign exchange does business for countries and large corporations around the world, but also encompasses small currency exchanges, say if you travel to Europe and need Euros while on vacation. You would have to go to a kiosk and exchange your currency. The expansion of globalization has caused the numbers of these transactions to multiply. This global market is without a doubt the largest financial market in the world, and sees volumes up to billions of dollars circulating through it on a daily basis.

One huge factor that causes this market to stand apart from the stock market is its decentralization, as well as its deregulation, which allows individual buyers to choose their lenders themselves, finding the dealer with the best price that they want to do business with and cutting out the middle man. Usually, larger dealers have better access to lower pricing at the biggest banks worldwide, and will share those deals with their consumers, allowing for a cheaper exchange rate.

If you are one who is thinking of investing for your future, and know little about the topic, but do not want to pay a middle man to do it for you, this is an easy choice. With its large market, easy accessibility, and fast return rates, this is might be the option for you.


Article by Debbie who frequently writes about personal finance, foreign markets and currency exchange.

Things to Help Your Forex Trading Career Prosper

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There are a lot of things that you can do with your time. You can go for a swim, take a rest, eat lunch, or invest in forex trading. You can take your time procrastinating or doing recreational activities that will require that you pay for them. Whether you are staying at the house or headed out for a good time with your friends, you need some cash to finance your expenses. And when you run out of cash, you need to find other resources in order to continue with what you were planning to do.

Instead of using up all your cash, why don’t you just invest them and let them grow first? Forex sounds like the investment right for you if you want instant results. Your money has the capacity to gain. If you trade it wisely, you will earn more. Since every minute there is a change in the market, you need to make decisions fast. That means that you always have to be updated with what is happening in every aspect of trading. Being in the know is a great advantage and expectation if you want to get far in this kind of endeavor.

Forex trading is not something that you can just check in and out once a day. It requires that you check it every minute, because there are ultimate changes that can be good opportunities. If you are not that devoted to checking in, you will miss important gains that should have won you big. And that is a major failure. If you do not want that to happen, always anticipate that new changes have already happened and check regularly. To make things easier, there are helpful softwares that can check for you so that all you have to do is give permissions for an important decision.

4 Principles of Choosing Automated Forex Trading System

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Charts, graphs, tables, analysis… If you start online trading forex, all these things come into your life immediately. A smart forex trader quickly figures out that it is impossible to make money on forex without a good trading strategy. And creating such a strategy can be very time-and-effort-taking, since currency trading demands always keeping a watchful eye of the forex market and currency prices. And this means charts, graphs… and you know.  Is there a way out to spare you all these “delights” and to make a profit at the same time? Yes, with the advent of computers and the Internet it became possible for everyone, and this way out is called automated forex trading systems, or forex robots.

If you search on the web, you’ll find out that there are a number of forex trading systems on offer.  But how to choose the best forex robot that would suit your needs?  That would become your helping hand and a reliable advisor in the tough world of currency trading?

Let’s review some points that will help you not to get lost in the diversity of forex trading systems.

  1. Chose your type of control
  2. Generally, there are two types of forex trading systems, which differ on the level of control they provide the trader with for making operations. The first is an automated signal system which makes a forex signal for the trader to enter or exit the trade. It is based on a set of market conditions prearranged in an algorithm. This type of system provides more control, since it leaves the decision whether to make an order or not to the trader. Second type of forex robots is fully automated forex trading system, where the trader even doesn’t have to enter the orders – it will be done by the system itself in case it “decides” that this is a profitable deal. It doesn’t leave much control to the trader.

  3. Search for reliable and tested software
  4. It’s better to choose the forex EA which has been successfully used for live account trading for a year or at least three months. It means that the system has proved its effectiveness in currency trading.

  5. The more currency pairs – the better
  6. Focus on a system that is optimized for dealing with at least 5 currency pairs – in this case you have more trading opportunities.

  7. As easy as can be

Your forex robot is supposed to be easy to install and set up, which means that it will be user-friendly and not complicated at all! To use such a robot is as easy as can be both for the novices and experienced forex traders.


Article was written by Alexander Collins. Founder and creator of forex expert advisor which works profitable sicne launching in 2007.

How To Find The Best Forex Signal Provider

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In the busy and highly competitive world of foreign exchange, it is very, very important to have an advantage over your competition and get the highest possible profit you can possibly acquire.

For those relatively new to the foreign exchange market – and even those who are not quite new but still unsuccessful in their ventures – it can be a huge advantage to utilize the best forex signal provider available in the market today.

However, both forex beginners and experienced foreign exchange market members should be wary about the various forex signal providers coming out in the market today. Some of them can be nothing more than scams to take advantage of you and rob you of all your hard earned money. That is why it is always of prime importance that you first do research on the all the forex signal providers you are being offered.

Now, given that you have done your research and you have read the numerous good reviews about the forex signal provider you want, it would be extremely wise to still have your guard up. All those reviews may just be scams or paid, biased reviews for the service. After all, there is no such thing as being too cautious in this important aspect which could make or break your foreign exchange market career. You should not immediately subscribe to a forex signal provider straight up, but if possible, you should first go through a trial period of sorts in order to see whether or not the signal provider you chose is just another scam or not.

Finding a good, effective forex signal provider can then be a huge asset in obtaining profit in the foreign exchange market and can even give you a leg up over your competitors in ventures such as forex futures trading.