The Most Common Trading Error

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The most common trading error is not using a trading plan.

Before even starting trading, a trading plan should be developed. The trading plan should definitely include information about when to buy and sell a stock. Especially the selling is important. This is the point where most traders fail. By not determining a selling point before starting to trade.

A trading plan can be quite plain or it can be very complex. This is something that every trader has to determine for himself, if he wants it plain and simple or complex. Mostly a plain and simple trading plan will do. And is probably even better than the complex one, since when it really get’s hot and you are losing money, simple rules makes it easier to know what to do at that moment.

How to construct a trading plan can be found in many places. Forex trading secrets is one of them.  There are also some books on the market that describe how to make a trading plan.

It is important to make the trading plan in writing. Otherwise it’s not really a plan, it’s only wishful thinking. And of course, you have to have the discipline to follow your plan. This is the next most common trading error. Not following the plan. Then it doesn’t matter how good the plan is, if you are not going to follow it anyway.

Determine what you want to reach with your trading. How large risks can you handle? Can you afford losing all your money, or only a portion of it? What is the time range?  All these questions have to be answered before writing the plan.

To be able to make good trading plans, it is a good advice to look at what other people have done. Try to find about about the forex trading secrets, and you will learn to write profitable trading plans.

Basic Forex Trading Strategies

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Forex trading strategies are amongst the more important aspects of your trade. In fact, they are considered to be the key to a successful online currency trading or FX trading. Now, having a good understanding of what these strategies are and how they are used would certainly give you and edge over the other investors.

As you may or may not already know, FX trading is actually very different from trading in stocks and as such, when it comes to significant short term profits, you would definitely need a good grasp of Forex trading strategies. Here are some of the most common ones to help you get started.

Leverage – This FX trading strategy was designed to enable online currency traders to get their hands of more funds than what they have deposited. In doing so, they are actually able to maximize the FX trading benefits that would have been unavailable to them without the additional funds. When you use this strategy, you would be able to use about 100 times the amount that’s in your account that should help you invest in higher yielding transactions this giving your better trading results.

Stop Loss Order – This is perhaps one of the most commonly used when it comes to the different Forex trading strategies because it actually helps investors when it comes to protecting their investment. This strategy would allow them to minimize any potential loss by creating a predetermined point at which he or she would no longer trade. This is extremely beneficial especially to those who tend to forget the limits that they have set for themselves.

All of these Forex trading strategies were designed to help the investor and protect their investment from possible loss. There would always be risks whenever you enter a transaction in the FX market thus it is important for an investor to familiarize themselves with these strategies.

Forex Alert Software: Should You Purchase or Not?

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In order to become a very good trader in the Foreign Exchange business, you need to be aware of the currency situation at all times.  Tracking changes and movement of the market is very crucial in making decisions whether to buy or sell.  For this reason, software developers have come up with programs that give out Forex alert to its users.  But are they really helpful?  Do they live up to their claims?

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First, let’s discuss what Forex alerts software is really all about and what it can actually do.  According to these sites’ ads, their programs can send you a notice if a significant change in the market is happening.  They can do it through your mobile phone or email, making it very convenient if you have other important stuff going on in your life. They also claim that they can give you a heads up when an opportunity to either buy or sell arises, which can only mean they also analyze data for you.  And they apparently do all of this in real time.

Experts in Forex trading say it’s a really cool application but they also warn on relying heavily on programs since such a highly volatile trading environment requires traders to react quickly and technology such as these programs can sometimes falter, which can lead to bigger problems.  They also add that programs can only process data and patterns that developers encode and unforeseen events may lead the AI (artificial intelligence) to give a wrong Forex alert, which can make you lose money big time.

So does this mean ditching the Forex alert software?  Not really.  Some have a stronger sense of belief in modern technology and they are willing to try anything that would make trading less stressful and more accessible to people who are not market savvy.  If anything at all, Forex alert software gives us a peek at what the future holds in Forex trading.  It’s just a matter of time when such technological advancement can be fully harnessed.

Should you get Forex alert?  It really depends on who and what you believe in.  Forex trading is not a computer game that you can reset anytime you want.  It’s real and the money is there.  Your best bet is to try one and see for yourself firsthand if the manufacturers’ claims are valid or they’re just hyping it up to make a quick buck.  If it doesn’t work for you then maybe it will to others.  The main thing really is that you do what is best for your interest and hopefully you’re on your way to a big payday.

Check out the Forex articles and information on The Biz Hunter website prior to investing any funds in the Forex market.

Buying on Fundamentals

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A very successful investor was once asked “how do you make money in the stock market?” Buying on fundamentals. “Simple”, he said. “Buy low and sell high”.

1903 stock certificate of the Baltimore and Oh...
1903 stock certificate of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great advice, if only it were that simple. We all know that in order to make a profit you need to sell your stock at a higher price than you paid for it. But to do that, you have to pick the right stock and get the timing right.

This is where things get a little more difficult. How do you go about picking the right stock? And how do you know when is the right time to buy and when you should sell and close out your position?

One strategy that many successful investors follow is looking for stocks that are particularly undervalued or cheap, relative to the rest of the market. There could be a number of reasons why a company’s shares are cheap. The key thing is to find cheap stocks that are undervalued relative to what they should be be priced at.

If you can find a company with a strong balance sheet, with a good cash position, healthy revenues and decent profits, but with a share price that seems low, then you’ve probably found just such an undervalued stock, in which case it is probably worth investing in.

Ask yourself the question why is the stock priced low. If it’s for some inconsequential reason like a recent management change, a particularly strong competitor, the company not having the latest “hot product” or the sector itself being unfashionable for example, then you could be on to a winner. Whereas if the problems go deeper, such as heavy falls in revenues, profits turning to losses, significant debts, etc, then you are best to steer clear.

If you stick with the fundamentals and buy shares in healthy companies that just happen to be a little under priced right now, you will find that over time things will balance themselves out, the company’s price will get back in line with the market and your portfolio will benefit as a result.

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