Forex Trading for Dummies: 3 Tips to Help You Get Started

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Foreign Exchange trading, or more commonly known as Forex trading, is fast becoming a viable way of earning quick money. With proper knowledge, anyone can get rich in just a few months’ time. In fact, a total beginner can work his way up from rags to riches by just following some simple rules in the world of Forex trading.

If you want to start trading with Forex, you should follow these 3 tips in order to get you started:

  1. Do your research. Educate yourself.

Forex trading beginners should take this into heart. Research is very important in the field of Forex trading. If you have entered the world of Forex trading without doing any research about it, expect yourself to fail a lot. Statistics show that the reason why beginners fail at Forex trading is that they have not done any research nor have they done any research with Forex trading. In fact, 90% of beginners fail due to not doing any research beforehand. The remaining 10% were successful because they have educated themselves before doing any trading.

Remember, if you want to invest on Forex trading, you should educate yourself. Know the basics of Forex trading. Learn the terms used in Forex trading. Learn the trends. Get a guide to help you. Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to survive the unforgiving world of Forex trading.

If you want to experience first-hand trading without the risk of losing money / bankruptcy, you might want to use a demo account first and practice trading. Demo accounts let you trade freely with the system and with other fellow soon-to-be Forex traders. Think of it as a training simulation for the real-world Forex trading business. By “playing” this game, you will be able to practice and hone your trading abilities, preparing you for the true money-making game.

  1. Know the right time to invest.

There is a time for everything. Before you make a purchase / sale, make sure that it benefits you more. Check the trends. Will it prove to be very beneficial for you? Will you profit / lose money if you invest at that very time?

TIP: It is best to look at the bigger picture. When trading, look for trend changes in the past few hours. Has it changed dramatically? Will this change affect your investment positively or negatively? Finding answers to these questions will let you know the right time to invest.

  1. Do not let emotions get the better of you. Keep calm at all times.

There are times when you make bad judgments that result to you losing a lot of money. While this may prove to be very stressful (seeing that you lost money), it is important to not let this get into your nerves. Do not try to make a gain by fooling other beginners. Do not get back your losses by scamming other people. You won’t notice it, but you will lose more money that way.

Stay calm, research, follow the trends, and work your way back up to the top. Next thing you’ll know, you have already recovered your losses and made some gains for yourself.

Remember, Forex trading is a lot like gambling. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes luck is on your side, while at some times it will be against you. However, unlike gambling, you can win most of the time if you have the proper tools and knowledge for this game. Just follow the above tips and you will do well on the world of Forex trading.

The author is a professional Forex trader and a self-proclaimed tech whiz. He has great interest in fast growing methods of communication such as online fax. He also writes about smart phones and latest apps.

Who Says You Can’t Make Money On The FOREX Market?

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There are a lot of scams and get rich quick schemes being touted in the media, both on and offline. While naysayers might tell you that you can’t make money, and that you’ll certainly loose money, when investing in Forex, know that with some basic education on the Forex market and how to trade, you can make money–really good money–with Forex. Here are four tips to help you as a beginning Forex trader.

Don’t Jump In Head First: Unless you’ve lost your job, don’t quit your day job until you are making at least half of what your normal pay equals, on a consistent basis. If you are used to brining home $4000 a month, make sure that you have four to five months where your Forex trades earn you a minimum of $2000. Treat Forex like your part-time job while you learn the ropes and make your trades in the evenings, weekends or vacation days. Since the Forex market is open round the clock, you can make trades anytime. Going from part-time to full-time income probably won’t take you as long as it takes to go from $0 to a decent part-time income.

Start Small: Once people begin to see just how profitable Forex is, they tend to want to mortgage the family farm, so to say, in order to maximize their profits. This is a key reason people doubt that you can make a long term living trading Forex. Assuming you have a steady income now, spend no more than a week’s pay for your startup investment. If you have a family or people who depend on your income, you might want to be a bit more conservative. When investing it’s best to take small, steady steps rather than huge leaps if you are planning to be in it long term. As you make more and more profitable trades, you can put more money into them thereby increasing your risk and profits.

Get the Support of Your Partner: Far too many people who get into new businesses without telling or getting initial support from a partner. You really need to do this especially in a marriage, long term relationship or when your finances are combined because your partner can be your number one fan and support you through the learning stage when more losses tend to occur. On the other hand, they can also be your worst enemy if you start spending your time and money at the computer making trades when they don’t agree with what you are doing.

Use Educational Tools Wisely: Remember to treat any and all programs and Forex trading software pieces as tools, not a fast track to earning cash. Forex is part luck and part knowledge. Using the knowledge you learn will put you in a better position than someone who just relies on luck.

Follow these tips as you start making money on the side with Forex to show others that you really can make money with Forex. Remember to treat it as a business, make trades and study as much as you can on a consistent basis and a year from now you bank account could be a lot bigger!

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How I Became A Professional Day Trader

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Like many people out there with dreams of hitting it big time in the Forex market, I initially started trading by signing-up to a Forex trading course but with the intentions of retiring not to long after opening my first micro account. Looking back at my journey, it all seems laughable how I genuinely believed I could become a superstar trader with very little experience and beat the professionals who have been in the business for a number of years. However on a serious note, something which I can’t laugh about is the fact that many people still hold on these false beliefs and expectations of retiring early through trading. To clarify this point, it is possible supplement your current income and rely on trading for your sole source of income and potentially even retire. However, it is only after taking all the appropriate steps in terms of learning the relevant skills to acquire the competence and confidence to trade that you will reach your trading goals.

After making a plethora of mistakes throughout my Forex training, I hope to dispel some trading myths and also help new traders avoid the same mistakes I made. One thing which changed my approach to trading as well as my trading results was simplicity. Instead of trying to master every indicator, time-frame and new strategy I discovered from a forum, I focused on choosing a simple approach that enabled me to master a specific set up on one market. With time and experience I discovered that I gained a lot of confidence as my competence and results improved. I put my improved performance down to spending plenty of time mastering this specific set up. That is, by getting as much time chart time as possible I was able to gain an insight and an understanding of how this set up works. Once my first set up was fully internalized, I started back testing and paper trading a new trading strategy (but not before I made sure that I completely owned my first strategy).

To conclude, although this article isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of steps to take to reach consistent profitability, I hope you have realized that the strategy you use is not as important as your patience, mental attitude (psychology), money and risk management and support you have for trading. The trading methodology you decide to use is only important to the extent that it has a positive expectancy; everything else is more to do with you as a person and how you approach your trading from a mental point of view.

A Forex trading course is the best way to start you career as a Forex trader. Make sure that you continuously exercise patience throughout your Forex training and you should be well on your way to becoming a successful trader.

Knowing More About The Use Of Forex Trading Signals

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As a beginner trader, there are many things to learn. Honestly, a lot of people were convinced about the simple profit making that only just a few trades and a short period of time can bring up a lot of money. In fact, there is no job which earns money that easy. No matter trading stock or trading currencies (Forex), the trader should know all the fundamental things as well as basic concepts in order to trade effectively that bring more and more money.

To do so, understand carefully the Forex trading system is needed.  Although once has chosen to begin trading stock, one must have learned or have known something about Forex trading system, but however, a good lesion should be taken for the best result.

Although trading Forex is somehow easier than trading stocks, the Forex trading signals are very important to know in order to get understand the changes of the market to adjust the qualities to meet the market. Moreover, the Forex trading signals are like the stock news, which are very important since they give the latest information of the market and some changes which will be applied.

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To be a successful Forex trader, understanding the Forex trading system is not enough. Getting the latest Forex trading signals is also important in order to trade profitably. With many traders, although they are good are trading and predicting the market, they always have a list of Forex trading signals providers in order to justify their trade accordingly to the rates of the market.

As many people have said before, the best way to earn experience from trading is to trade on their own. Many websites offer demo accounts for people to start trading. In some websites, if you trade well, you will get many bonuses at the end of the month. Moreover, these trades will give you the real experience since the currency rates are based upon the real-time rates. Generally, trading with demo account is the first step to learn Forex since you will know and will experience the feeling of trading Forex. Although you are using free money, but the experience and the techniques are real. What you have learned in trading with demo account will be the best to help you later.

A good list of Forex trading signals providers will greatly help you in order to get the latest news of the market.

Scalping Fundamentally in the Forex Market

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Technical analysis is crucial to Forex trading – in particular for isolating entries and exits – but still it alone is not enough for devising an all-inclusive trading strategy. Market sentiment in Forex is driven mainly by the geopolitical and economic news. The chief market makers in Forex – hedge funds, multinational corporations, central banks, and the main investment banks – are not concerned with the flag formation in the USD/EUR on the daily charts. As an alternative, they devise their trading strategies by studying the geopolitical developments and economic news in addition to the latest statements of G-8 financial authorities. As a result, the appropriate approach to Forex trading may be summed up as follows: start fundamentally, enter and exit on the technical premises.

According to the common knowledge in the Forex market, Forex traders who have the desire to trade on fundamental basis should focus on long time frames with daily or weekly charts. While Forex traders who want to trade shorter time frames, like hourly charts, have to concentrate on technical indicators. However, this piece of advice can’t be more wrong in Forex. Yet, is it not only feasible to scalp Forex fundamentally, but individual Forex traders actually have an important plus over larger market players when it comes to carrying out their trades.

One of the main positive features of the Forex market is that it trades off of macroeconomic news that is obvious, impossible to fabricate and easily accessible by all market traders simultaneously. The key news that moves the Forex market is governmental economic data such as GDP growth rates, inflation readings, the latest employment statistics and trade balance reports.

On the other hand, playing the expectations game alone is not enough to create money-making trades. This is where technical analysis becomes essential to a winning fundamental strategy. The best, most gainful fundamental scalps take place under technically acute conditions. These highest-possibility strategies are devised when a favorable fundamental prerequisite occurs under technically overbought conditions and vice versa. The same dynamic happens backwards: if currency prices are enormously oversold and fundamental news shocks to the negative aspect, the majority of Forex market makers will hurry for the exits, making a rally of sell orders, which produces a powerful momentum-driven move that can be traded profitably.

Forex trading is a many-sided matter that demands both fundamental awareness and technical know-how. Not only is scalping on economic news feasible, it can be highly profitable – as long as the Forex trader focuses to technicals as well as fundamentals.

Written by A. Collins who is a chief developer of simply Forex strategy ProFx and other forex automated trading software which are available on ForexEAsystems.

Follow these Steps to become Successful as a Beginner Forex Trader

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people are showing interest in foreign exchange trading. With their skills, practice and expertise, Forex traders are able to earn decent money, battle financial crisis and eliminate debt. In other words, Forex trading offers you the chance to secure a better future. However, you should not expect outright success in this profession. You need to accept that there are risks too. Only the level-headed persons emerge out successful in this profession. The beginners, who want to join this business, however have to be extra cautious. Here are some Forex strategies for the beginners which will help many of you with no real experience of trading to develop the skills required in this business.

Keep away from predictions
As a beginner, you should keep away from the predictions made to forex pricing. The truth is that forex market is unpredictable. As a beginner investor, if you adopt this method, chances are more that you may incur losses. Another strategy would be to stay away from anything that you do not understand completely. The behavior of the market is very much unpredictable and it is not so easy to understand the market. Moreover, you should not go by market grapevine. So, as a beginner forex trader you should be simple, cool and level-headed.

Adopt smart money management
Smart money management separates the traders that make money from those who loose out in the race. It would be completely foolish, if you bet your life time income for a big win. Again, putting a lot of money in a single trade would not unwise. Even the professional and the veteran traders do not do this.

This is a process of reducing risk by holding definite forex. So as to neutralize the decreasing market prices, forex trader sells it within a particular time. You can take put options in case of a decline in the currency prices. With the proper usage of the hedging system, the traders are assured profit, irrespective of the direction of the market.

Adopt a disciplined approach
What is most important to gain profit in forex trading is to adopt a very disciplined approach. If you make some bad moves and lose money, then you make larger trades so as to compensate for that loss. However, you end up in loss again. It is advised that you avoid this kind of move. Before putting your money, make sure that you are investing in a forex with forex trade signals that you can trust.

Forex trading is an excellent way to earn some money. However, you have to be very much disciplined and cool-headed to become successful as a forex trader.