An Honest Review Of Tradestation

Tradestation Review

Tradestation became a brokerage back in 1982. Since then it has taken pride in the fact that it’s a leader when it comes to trader technology. It offers one of the best platforms out there for traders everywhere. It brings over 30 years of solid experience to the table, and is taking all that with them into today. Take a look at TradeStation 2015 to Today.

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Fees and Commissions

Tradestation doesn’t offer support to all trading types. That includes futures and forex. This review is aimed on their equities and options. They have 3 different commission structures you can choose from for the equities, and another 2 for their options.

NOTE – Mutual funds aren’t supported through this platform and therefore have to be phoned in.

In some ways Tradestation is like Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, Lightspeed, and more, in the fact that they do require that clients purchase real-time data feeds before they can trade.

There is on main fee that new clients need to watch for – the $99 a month charge for their software. This fee can certainly be waived, that is, if specific activity levels are reached (or your account is at the $100,000 level). If you’re an equities trader, then you have to trade at least 5,000 shares a month. If you’re an options trader, then it takes 50 contracts to avoid paying this fee.


Tradestation has tools that will cater to any type of investor and that includes hedge funds. Over 40 years of solid historical data can be made available for trading equities. For those who like to chart and study, this is ideal. When it comes to functionality they can offer back-testing via Portfolio Maestro as well as customized scanning of market opportunities.

Charting gives investors a way of performing deep analysis and customizing indicators using numerous options. This is a thing that only their competitors like TD Ameritrade‘s ‘thinkorswim’ platform could match up to. Over 150 studies/indicators are there for inclusion. Investors can adjust or rework them to their exact specification.

Tradestation also features other tools like their Scanner, Radar Screen, Walk-Forward Optimizer, Matrix (ladder trading), and much more.

Forex Trading: 3 More Ways to Make it a Success

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As you get started in Forex Trading, you start out as a novice. As a novice, you need a little more advice on the basics of starting and managing a foreign exchange account. Once you get a handle on the basics, you are ready to open your account, start trading in foreign currency and use the knowledge you have to make money on your money.


Choose the Right Type of Account

Not every investment account allows for Forex Trading. Read the types of investments you are able to trade in the account before opening it online or with a broker. In order to buy and sell foreign currencies, the account has to allow for this type of investment to be in the account.

If the online broker or brick-and-mortar investment firm does not allow foreign currency exchange, or Forex Trading, then you have to move on to find a firm that does. Once you find some firms that permit you to open a Forex account, then compare and contrast the firms. Choose the one that best meets your trading needs.

Trade a Single Foreign Currency

Rather than try to master all of the different foreign currencies, choose to start off with one foreign currency. Get to know everything there is to know about the foreign currency you choose. Buy and sell the foreign currency in your Forex Trading account until you are the master of the currency. Once you have mastered one currency then move on to the next currency. Eventually, you will be able to manage the buying and selling of several different foreign currencies at a time.

Trade What You Know

Avoid buying and selling foreign currencies based solely on what other people are saying and doing. Take the time to conduct your own research and get a big picture of the currency and the foreign exchange market.  Base your trading decisions on the knowledge and information you gather. If you do make a mistake, learn from it, so that you will never make the same mistake twice.

A Forex Trading account allows you to buy, sell and trade in foreign currencies. In order to be successful at trading in foreign currencies, learn these three principles. Once you learn these principles, it is also imperative to stick to and abide by the principles. This helps to ensure your success in foreign currency trading.

About the Author: Tod Maleszka loves watching the Forex market. Forex Trading is an incredible business opportunity to those who are willing to take a risk and make an investment. Seek the advice of a professional before making your first move.

Why Use MetaTrader as a Forex Platform?

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When entering the world of forex, it is vitally important that you have the right tools at your disposal. There are a number of electronic trading platforms available online, but MetaTrader 4 is often recommended by professional forex brokers as the most user-friendly platform choice. The MetaTrader platform was first introduced in 2005 and has since become a trusted name in the world of foreign currency exchange.

How it Works

A MetaTrader 4 download allows users to carry out forex trade operations in real time, importing and exporting their past trade data and indicators. The platform can be customised by each user to suit their specific preferences and requirements; this allows for full, flexible control of all forex trading activities. The client terminal of MetaTrader 4 grants users access to a library of free forex articles, professional advice and trading software. MT4 users can also develop customised indicators (known as Expert Advisors), made possible by the platform’s MQL4 scripting language.

User Benefits

MetaTrader 5 was released in 2010, but most brokers still favour MetaTrader 4. Clients who invest in the platform can expect the following advantages:

• A simple, user-friendly interface – perfect for forex traders just starting out
• A high level of reliability
• MetaTrader 4 is highly secure and allows for safe online trading
• The platform is easy to run and not demanding on the user’s PC
• A wide selection of international languages, meaning users from all over the globe can use MetaTrader 4 with no language barriers
• Simultaneous trading and charting capabilities, allowing forex traders to run analyses while placing trade orders
• Users have easy access to their personal financial information (eg. account balances and account history)
• The Expert Advisors (EA’s) allow users to automate their trading on MetaTrader 4 quickly and easily
• Users can also view forex market news in real time when using MetaTrader 4

There is also a convenient mobile component of MetaTrader 4, which allows clients to access the platform via their smart phones.

Downloading a MetaTrader 4 demo account will give you, as an aspiring trader, the chance to test out the functionalities of the platform, and create some custom EA’s to suit your preferences. Forex brokers have commended MetaTrader 4 for its combination of easy operation and a comprehensive range of capabilities. Novices and professionals alike have found MetaTrader to be a highly beneficial and secure trading platform, so why not try your hand at forex using this cutting-edge trading technology?


Dave Tucker is an enthusiastic writer looking to share the latest information and opinions.