The Euro Shows Disappointing Performance In Forex Trading

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Euro Performance In Forex Trading

According to recent EU Forex trading numbers, the euro has been taking some losses against its main competitors in the currency markets. This disappointing news is coming on the heels of less-than-stellar retail sales performances and lower order numbers for Germany-based factories. Other assets such as crude oil and the British pound are now predicted to see bear market patterns as well in the near future. In the most current EU market news, traders will want to keep a close watch on the German Industrial Production figure, which will become available at 11:00am GMT. If this number posts below predicted performance, further EU market losses are expected to follow close behind it.

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News on the Economy

On the other side of the pond, the US dollar saw more bull market patterns and yielded higher returns. This data surpassed that of EU retail sales and orders from German factories. Mid-day trading saw a USD/CHF increase of almost 50 pips. The GBP/USD data decreased to about 60 pips during the same trading period.

Little news has been released from the US regarding this performance, and movement of the US dollar will probably happen again as a result of the latest euro-zone trading data. Many analysts predict that this month’s indicator will be higher that last month’s, which will probably generate more risk in the market. It could also wipe out any gains the greenback made yesterday. During trading later in the week, US dollar traders will want to watch for the latest US Unemployment Claim numbers as well as figures from the trade balance. Both of these figures will likely generate further volatility in the case of the greenback.

Losses of the euro in Forex trading are attributed to EU unemployment numbers, low retail sales and disappointing factory order numbers. These losses are considered moderate against currency rivals designated safe trading havens. Compared to recent Japanese yen market performance, the common currency took a 60 pip loss to start trading as low as 114.23.

Bristol Pound Currency will Launch in May 2012

Currency TradingThe English city of Bristol could soon be making history with the launch of the UK’s very first city-wide currency; the Bristol Pound is an initiative designed to boost the city’s economy and strengthen local trade.

The Bristol Pound is not the only alternative local currency used in the UK – the city of Totnes in Devon introduced the Totnes Pound in 2006, while the Lambeth city of Brixton launched its own city-wide currency, the Brixton Pound (B£), in 2009 and this currency is still thriving. However, the Bristol Pound will be the first local UK currency with the backing of a regulated financial services provider – in this case, the Bristol Credit Union. This means the currency can be used to pay not only for goods but also for bills.

As a forerunner to the Bristol Pound, the Brixton Pound serves as a stellar example of local currency; the B£ was even launched in electronic format last year, allowing local users to make instantaneous payments by text. Following the launch of the Bristol Pound notes, this new city-wide currency could also be developed to include an electronic format in the coming months.

Here’s a closer look at the UK’s latest alternative currency – the Why, How and When of the Bristol Pound:


The purpose behind the introduction of the Bristol Pound is to provide support to the city’s independent retailers and other businesses, stimulate the Bristol economy and build a sense of community among local consumers. Ideally, the widespread use of the Bristol Pound within the city will ensure that money spent in Bristol will stay in circulation in the city of Bristol. This will reduce the amount of money going into the financial systems of larger offshore corporations.


The Bristol Pound can be exchanged with pound sterling, and one Bristol Pound will of course be equivalent to one British Pound. Locals can currently register for a Bristol Pound account online, after which they will be contacted with the appropriate registration forms. Those who choose to get involved with the Bristol Pound initiative are making a clear statement about their support for local businesses and the Bristol community.


The Bristol Pound is due to launch on May 21st this year, and local residents have been asked to submit their ideas for the design of this local currency. The Bristol Pound will be available in £1, £5, £10 and £20 notes, and each will feature an image on both sides. Many Bristol locals are hoping for the honour of seeing their designs or illustrations appear on the brand-new Bristol Pound in May!

Nicky Warner is an enthusiastic writer with a special interest in UK news. Whether you’re an experienced foreign exchange broker, or just starting out with a new MT4 demo account, you’ll find Nicky has plenty of relevant financial and economic news to share.


The Basics Of Forex Investing for Potential Speculators

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Forex investing is where you invest in currency pairs, with the hope that one will rise against the other. First, you have to first pick a broker to make the trades through, just like you would if you were investing in stocks.

There are tons of online brokers to choose from, and you can conduct all your trades right from the online platform without ever having to talk with someone on the phone. When you do everything online, you still have to pay broker fees, just like you were ordering over the phone.

As mentioned, you have to buy pairs of currency when making a transaction. Just about every currency is compared with the American dollar at some level, although not always directly. An example of a direct transaction would be you buying the US/GBP pair. In this instance, you would do so believing that the American dollar is going up in value versus the British Pound. If you believed the Pound is rising in value versus the American dollar, you would sell the pair.

There are also cross pairs which are not tied to the American dollar, and an example would be the Australian Dollar and British Pound pair. However, the US currency is still involved. This is because the exchange rate between these two is based on the US currency rate. it might seem a bit complex, but once you get started, you will learn it quickly.

The important thing is that you pick a good course to learn from. There are many great forex trading courses online, and modeling somebody who is successfully trading is very important. This is how to make money with managed forex investing the fastest.

For other handy tips about managed forex investing, you may want to visit our blog and see how other beginners are learning about the exciting world of foreign exchange currencies.

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