Choosing the Right Operating System for your Forex VPS

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Have you ever thought that VPS for Forex trading can enlarge your profits and reduce loses? It’s 100% truth. But another topic is what operating systems to choose for stable execution.

There are few operating systems available in the market for your VPS such as Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux.

In order to choose the right operating system for your VPS, following points should be taken into consideration before you make your purchase decision:

What is the regular fee?

From a buyer’s point of view, one may have a pre-conceived notion that Windows VPS costs more than a Linux VPS, and hence you prefer to buy the latter. But, whether you have purchased the apt product and made a pertinent commercial transaction depends on what particular kind of feature you want to use while operating your VPS.

Linux and FreeBSD does not support a lot of programming languages which Windows does, such as .NET. Thus, it is always advisable to shell out a few extra bucks every month and get a Windows based VPS, if you are using a .NET application.

On the other hand, if you do not have any finicky purpose for your VPS, then acquiring Windows will turn out to be an expensive and knotty deal for you. Most web software which run on Linux and Unix servers, might work on Windows but might get interrupted in its next product update.

Full-time support

Though most of the VPS companies offer excellent after sales service, still they will not be able to resolve all your minute technical queries regarding your server. Hence, it is recommended to gain control on your server with an ardent approach.

Using the command-line, Linux setting can be altered, since it encompasses the most efficient control panel interfaces. Though Windows is less user friendly, many people find it much convenient to change settings in it.

Uptime and stability

Linux users have avoided using Windows due to its regular crashing and instability. Big multinationals which use Windows based VPS in their system, face frequent technical problems and major troubleshooting issues. In order to avoid huge loses, these companies then hire technical experts to decipher the critical flaws in Windows. However, the current version of Windows promises to offer much more static service to all its users. If you intend to use Windows, make sure you are backed with a good VPS system.

Does it fast enough?

Linux commenced as an individual server operating system, whereas windows embarked as an additional server mode. Hence, it is evident, that compared to Windows, Linux runs software on a much more faster pace and with adroitness, especially when any Windows user encounters trouble to access any website from VPS.

And the main point – MT4 works only on Windows based VPS. So, if you are MT4 trader, you need ONLY Windows VPS.

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